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Occupational Driver's License In Dallas

Occupational Driver’s License In Dallas

The City of Irving is a heavily traveled and populated suburb located in Dallas County, Texas.  In order to travel on the many roads and highways, you must have a valid drivers license.  What happens if your privilege to drive is suspended, revoked, or cancelled due to an offense which occurred in Irving, Dallas County, or you reside in Irving?  The short answer is that you cannot drive on the public roads.  Fortuntately, there are options available to most people which will get them driving on the road again, legally.  You may qualify for an occupational drivers license in Texas.   We can show you how we have streamlined the process of obtaining an occupational drivers license in Texas.  Our process has become so smooth that in many cases, we can obtain an occupational drivers license in as little as one business day.


We offer a free consultation with no obligations.  We look forward to your call and can’t wait to assist you in obtaining your occupational drivers license.  Please call our office at 214-321-4105 at your earliest convenience.  Have a wonderful day!


Dallas Occupational License Attorney

Dallas Occupational License Attorney