Dallas County Occupational License Fee Increase

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Dallas Municipal Court

Dallas Municipal Court

Dallas County has increased the costs necessary to file a petition for an occupational drivers license.  The new filing fee is $232.00, a $5.00 increase.  Remember, the filing fee is only one cost associated with obtaining and occupational license in Dallas County.  The Texas Department of Public Safety, which issues the occupational license, typically requires reinstatement fees and a fee for issuing the occupational license itself.

We have years of experience in Dallas County filing and obtaining occupational licenses.  As Dallas occupational license attorneys, we advise people everyday of the requirements to obtain an occupational drivers license in Dallas county.  We often hear from clients that they were told one price over the phone from another attorney just to find out that there would be additional costs necessary to complete their dallas occupational drivers license.  While not uncommon, our philosophy has always been to ensure that our clients understand not only the procedures and requisites in obtaining an occupational license in dallas county, but to also understand all the possible costs therein.  Like our clients, we don’t like those kinds of hidden “surprises”.

As always, our office charges nothing to discuss your occupational drivers license case.  If it costs you nothing to speak to an experienced attorney about a Dallas county occupational drivers license, then you have nothing holding you back from calling our office.  We look forward to speaking with you about your Dallas county occupational license.