Occupational License Basics for Dallas County

Date December 9, 2012

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Dallas Municipal Court

Dallas Municipal Court

Unfortunately, our society is fast becoming (or is already) a commercialized conglomerate where everything and everyone is trying to make a quick buck. That can be true in Dallas County and occupational licenses. We have seen quite a few advertisements from other lawyers and law firms claiming to provide occupational license services in Dallas County for ridiculously low prices. Generally, this is of no concern to our office because we have built a reputation for providing quality and competent legal services over the years and people see the true value in our “product. ” However, we have received several calls over the past few months from people who used those other advertised services to find out that the services weren’t as advertised. For one thing, the low cost that got them in the door was merely a gimmick and there were more hidden costs that were not revealed to them until after they had paid their money. Next, those people were looking for full service and received partial service. Apparently, for the money they spent, they had do some of the work. That was not the point of hiring an attorney. And lastly, some did not get an occupational license after spending the money because they were not fully informed of the occupational license process.

At the Beltz Law Firm, we provide full occupational license services with full disclosure of prices and processes. Obtaining an occupational license is not easy. It takes hard work and years of experience to meet the expectations of varying situations. There is not one fit for every person. That is one reason why we have stayed true to our philosophy that we do the work for our clients and they reap the benefits. That is why they hired us anyway.

OK, now for some occupational license basics. An occupational license is a special, restricted license which grants the holder driving privileges for restricted times, places, and purposes. To obtain an occupational license in Dallas County you will need the following:

  • A verified petition stating why you are eligible, where you will drive, for what purposes you will drive, when you will drive
  • SR-22 Insurance
  • Petition fees
  • A conforming Order
  • Reinstatement Fees, if any
  • Occupational License Fee
  • Complete driving record (if filed in District Court)


Dallas ODL Attorney

Dallas ODL Attorney

The occupational license will allow the holder to drive to work and back home. To school. And, to perform essential household duties. You are authorized for 4 hours of drive time in any 24 hour period but can request up to 12 hours in any 24 period if you can show it would be harmful if you did not get the additional hours. The court order will be used as a temporary occupational license for 31 days until the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) can provide a hard copy of the occupational license.


These are the basics, but, there are many potential issues that can change or prevent an occupational license. It takes an experienced attorney to understand what can be accomplished so that the petitioner is not wasting time and money.

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