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Difference Between A Suspended License + Invalid License +Revoked License

FREE Consultation With A License Suspension Attorney 214-321-4105 There are a number of ways to lose your license in Texas. You can lose due to alcohol related events or criminal convictions. You can lose it for too many points assessed against your drivers license. You can lose it for being a habitually bad driver. Or, […]

The Holidays’ Hidden Dangers: Losing Your License

Drivers License Suspension  Questionnaire 214-321-4105 It happens every year and it is tragic every time. Drinking and driving is a re occurrence during the holidays. Not only are we cheering on our favorite football teams, we are celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years with our friends and loved ones. It is supposed to be a […]

Occupational License Basics for Dallas County

FREE Occupational License Consultation   Unfortunately, our society is fast becoming (or is already) a commercialized conglomerate where everything and everyone is trying to make a quick buck. That can be true in Dallas County and occupational licenses. We have seen quite a few advertisements from other lawyers and law firms claiming to provide occupational license services […]